The simple task to switching between email and social media is not one you can easily imagine but if you want to use Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, YouTube, YouTube Live, LinkedIn Plus, or Instagram then you should know how to do it.

In fact, this is how to create your own mobile-only template to switch between the mobile apps and social networks.

We have tried to make this process easy to understand for you and if you need help then please get in touch with us.

If you want some examples of the templates we have included in this article then you can click here to go to our list of mobile templates.

What is the difference between using a mobile-specific template and a mobile template?

Mobile templates are created by using a custom mobile app, which has a very different look and feel from the main app.

You can download the template directly from the app and you can use it to switch from one mobile app to another, and even for different social networks, but you will still need to be able to read the instructions.

There are two main ways you can create a mobile app template: you can also use the template as a drop-in replacement for the main application, or you can edit the template yourself.

We also provide templates for apps for Apple, Google, and Microsoft platforms.

The template for iOS and Android mobile apps, which is shown in the example below, can be downloaded here.

For more details about using mobile templates in general and to download a template for a specific app, please refer to our article Mobile templates for iOS: Creating and using your own template There are different templates available for creating a mobile application template.

The templates are described in the following table: Mobile templates: template for an iPhone app template for Android app template – iPhone app The iPhone template can be created by creating a new template for iPhone.

You need to create a new iPhone app.

Then you can open the template in your app, go to Settings, and click the “Create” button.

In the Create a template dialog box, choose the template you want.

You should then be presented with a screen where you can set the app’s icon, size, and name.

If the icon is too small, the size can be set to 10% of the screen.

If it is too large, the icon can be changed to 20% of your screen.

In this case, the template is ready for editing.

You also need to set the icon size to the size of your app.

When you do, the new template will automatically be added to your app when it is ready.

The Android template can also be created for Android.

In Android, you need to open the Android app.

There you will need to use the “Edit” button to choose a template, then click “Create”.

When you have selected a template you can then change its icon size, icon name, icon size (or a combination of the two), and icon size.

This template will also automatically be updated when you update your app’s app icon.

You will need a phone number and password to create the template.

You must also specify the template’s permission to be used.

For the iPhone template, you must set a PIN and a password.

For Android templates, you will also need a PIN, and a PIN with a password, and an app name.

The mobile template for YouTube is not a template but an iOS template.

To create a template in YouTube, go back to Settings and go to Apps.

Then select the Template tab.

You are presented with two tabs.

The first tab is the Template creation screen, where you should select the appropriate template.

Once you have done so, click the Edit button.

When editing the template, there are three settings: the number of icons you want in the template (up to four for iOS templates and two for Android templates), the size (up or down) of the icon you want (up for iOS template and down for Android template), and the color of the background of the icons you choose (white for iOS, dark for Android).

If you choose a different background color for the background, the default background color will be used for your template.

We recommend you choose an image that matches your template and the background color.

For example, if you wanted your template to be blue and white, then you would choose the same background color as your template, but if your template was black and white then you might choose a white background.

You do not need to have any icons or background colors in the templates.

When the template creation screen is finished, you should see a progress bar showing the number and size of changes made to the template and an image of the app.

This is a screen that shows you exactly what you have changed and how to keep track of the progress.

In our example, we used an iOS 8 template and we changed the icon to be larger than the icon for the

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