The battle between Apple and Google is a classic case of two companies who are willing to fight for customers, but who are determined to fight it on a lower price.

The stakes are high.

The battle has been going on for years.

This is a time when we are learning how to compete.

The smartphone wars of the past year have pitted the giants against each other and we’re learning how each company has learned to win, writes Brian Fung.

The most interesting part is the difference.

The iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus are both great phones that offer a lot of new features and great value for money.

They’re both expensive.

But when you combine that with the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7, Apple is in a much stronger position than it was last year.

Apple is in the market for a lot more customers.

And if you’re a consumer that wants to get the most bang for their buck and they’re getting fewer customers, that’s not a bad thing.

But that doesn’t mean Apple should have been selling the iPhone at a discount.

Its customers want to get value for their money, and the lower price is part of that.

The phone was never going to sell out, so Apple was going to offer more than just a $200 discount.

Apple’s strategy was to try to convince customers to pay more than they would have to for the iPhone, but it’s not working.

For years, Apple has been charging consumers a lot less than Google and Samsung, and even Apple’s competitors have been trying to catch up.

That makes it tough for Apple to compete with Google.

That’s why the battle is taking place.

When Google first launched the Android operating system in 2006, it was one of the best phones on the market.

And Google’s success helped it become the top-selling Android smartphone for a year.

But after a couple of years of being the top phone maker in the world, Google got tired of the Android monopoly and decided to try something new.

Android, with its own version of Android OS and its own Google services, was an exciting prospect for Google.

The company had built a business around Android and was looking to make Android a mainstream platform.

Android was a viable platform for Android devices, and Google had a lot to offer the Android ecosystem.

But Google was not interested in selling the Android platform to Apple.

Instead, Google wanted to make money off of Android devices.

Google wanted its own OS, and Apple could only do one thing: sell its own iPhones.

As the company launched Android OS, it offered the iPhone to customers who had bought an iPhone or an iPad.

But it didn’t want its own iPhone.

Instead it offered customers a choice: buy an iPhone for $199 or a $299 iPhone.

There were many reasons for Apple’s decision to offer a lower-priced iPhone: iPhones were more popular than other Android phones, and iPhones had a high price tag.

But the biggest reason for the decision was Apple’s desire to keep its competitive position in the smartphone market.

Google and Apple are in a similar situation now.

Both of them want to win back consumers who had abandoned Android, and both want to sell more iPhones than Apple is selling.

If you think about it, the price of the iPhone is a little bit of a bargain compared to the price that Google is charging for its Android operating systems.

Google has offered a much lower price for its phones than Apple.

Apple has a much higher price for iPhones.

It also offers customers an option for a cheaper iPhone than Apple offers its customers.

But both companies want to make their Android operating platforms as affordable as possible.

If you buy a phone from Apple, you pay more for it than if you buy it from Google.

If Apple offers an iPhone at the same price as Google, the iPhone will sell for twice as much.

At the end of the day, Apple wants to make as much money as possible from its iPhone business, and it wants to sell it at a lower cost than Google.

But if it wants more iPhone sales than Google does, then Apple has to lower the price it offers its iPhones, and its Android OS is not going to do it.

Why Apple is losing in the Android smartphone war Apple is fighting an uphill battle.

The iPhone is becoming more and more popular, and while Google is trying to keep it that way, it is losing customers and its customers are increasingly turning to Android.

The best way for Apple, Google and Apple’s Android competitors to compete is to offer lower prices and keep their Android OS operating systems as affordable and as popular as possible, and that’s a much more difficult proposition for Apple and its competitors.

While Apple’s iPhone sales are down a bit this year, they are still growing.

The iPad, the iPod Touch and the new Apple Watch have all helped Apple’s overall smartphone sales.

But Apple has struggled to keep up with its Android rivals and the high cost of Android has

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