The Google Voice app on Android devices has a built-in feature that allows you to use voice calls and text messages as well as call and text messaging.

The Google voice app has been available for over two years now, and since its debut, it has become the de facto way for Google users to communicate with each other.

While the features are pretty simple, the app has also been a bit of a pain for Android users who just want to make a quick call or text without any complicated setup.

Unfortunately, Google’s voice app on phones doesn’t support sending and receiving text messages and calls.

It seems as though the company will be adding voice support for Android phones soon, but for now, it’s going to have to wait for some time.

Voice support is coming to Google Voice in Android phones on April 1, but unfortunately, Google won’t be giving the same feature to everyone who has an Android phone.

It’s going back to the drawing board to work on making voice call and messaging more native on Android smartphones.

In a blog post on Google’s blog, Google said that voice calling will be added to Android phones “as soon as possible.”

While Google’s announcement has been delayed, it does mean that voice call support for phones will likely be limited to those with Android 4.2.x or newer devices.

Voice call on Android 4, 2, and 1 is limited to 10 minutes, and will require a dedicated number to call out.

However, if you want to add voice calling to Android 2, Google will also offer voice calling on Android 2.3.x phones as well.

If you want the option to add support for voice call to Android 3.x, you’ll need to upgrade to Android 4 and above.

Development Is Supported By

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