A recent study by research firm iSuppli found that Siri is the most popular mobile application for the voice assistant on Android devices.

While Google Assistant is a more widely used voice assistant, Google has long been known for its Android mobile operating system.

As of December 2017, Apple had 1.3 billion users on iOS, a whopping 85% of all iOS devices.

Google Assistant on the other hand, has a larger user base of 1.1 billion users, but it is only on the iPhone.

iSuppli says the iOS numbers are based on a combination of phone model, carrier, and type of phone.

For instance, the iPhone 6 Plus has a lower-end phone than the Nexus 6, but a higher-end version of the iPhone 5s.

Apple’s Siri is an app that uses a special “Siri” voice search engine, and is used by people to ask questions and get information.

Google’s Assistant is much more sophisticated and relies on Google Assistant APIs, and its API is more commonly found in Google search results.

Google Assistant is now available in all Google Search products, including Android and iOS.

For now, Apple has released the following official statement on Siri:Apple is committed to making Siri a smarter voice assistant that is better than ever.

Siri now has over 100 million voice queries in the App Store, more than any other voice assistant.

Siri continues to evolve and evolve with the times, making it smarter and more useful for users.

Siri is available on the Appstore, Google Play, Amazon, Windows Phone, Apple TV, and other iOS apps.

Siri on the Mac continues to be updated to work with the latest version of macOS Sierra, and Siri on other platforms is subject to a continual update.

Apple has released its Siri API for developers, which allows developers to create a Siri-based API to make voice searches easier.

This is the first time Siri has been built using the API, and the first release to be compatible with macOS Sierra.

Development Is Supported By

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