Posted July 06, 2020 09:30:13Apple has announced the next generation of iPhones, which will include “the most advanced facial recognition technology in the world.”

But is that the whole story?

The company says the iPhone 8 and iPhone X will have “upgraded” facial recognition tech that will allow users to identify their own face, but it’s not quite clear exactly what the technology is for.

AppleInsider reports that the company is going to “use the next-generation facial recognition technologies” in its iPhones and iPads, and will use a combination of “facial recognition and facial recognition.”

The company is reportedly also working on “a suite of software features” to improve “the user experience.”

AppleInsiders adds that “it’s possible that some features of the next iPhone will be more advanced than others, and it’s possible this combination of facial recognition and technology will be used in different contexts than the next version of the iPhone.”

The next iPhone’s facial recognition features include a “new technology that enables facial recognition to be integrated into any of the features on the phone.”

According to The Lad, the next iPhones “will also include a new facial recognition system for Face ID.”

AppleInsider notes that the new facial identification technology is “built on top of the existing facial recognition systems already in use in iPhones.”

Apple claims that “Face ID” will allow for “real-time identification” of people using facial recognition, but in reality, Apple claims “Face Identity will also enable real-time ID verification of individuals, so that the user cannot be tracked.”

While Face ID works by scanning your face to verify that you’re who you say you are, it has “no limits on the number of images or photos it can capture” as well as “the ability to send multiple facial recognition images at once to an external facial recognition sensor, thereby enhancing the user experience and increasing user safety.”

Apple has yet to release details about how Face ID will work in its upcoming iPhones, but The Lad notes that “Apple is expected to launch Face ID in the iPhone X in 2020.”

Apple’s next-gen iPhones and iPad models are expected to be released sometime in 2021.

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