The smartphone market is exploding and with it, smartphones are becoming more popular.

A new survey shows that smartphones and tablets are among the top two smartphone platforms, behind only PCs.

The market share of smartphones and tablet devices has grown significantly over the past two years, with the growth being driven by smartphone adoption.

Miles Jacobson, senior analyst at Forrester Research, told ESPNcricinfo that smartphone penetration has doubled over the last two years.

“Mobile phone penetration is currently the highest of any platform, but we think it’s going to accelerate,” Jacobson said.

Mobiles accounted for 55% of all device shipments in the US in the second quarter of this year, up from 40% in the first quarter of the year.

The top three mobile devices accounted for 59% of device shipments.

The number of smartphone devices in use has doubled in the past year.

More than 2 billion people now own a smartphone, which is more than double the number of people who own tablets, Jacobson added.

Mobile phone owners now spend $1,600 a month on phone plans, up 5% from the first half of the 2016.

A lot of the growth has come from the growth of the Android smartphone, with more than 10% of smartphones running Android.

The iPhone also saw a significant jump in popularity in the last year.

Android is now the most used smartphone platform in the world, with Android now representing nearly half of all smartphone devices.

With the advent of new apps like WhatsApp, the number one app on Apple’s App Store, and the rise of mobile gaming, the popularity of mobile phones and tablets has been growing.

Jacobson said he is not surprised that mobile phone and tablet adoption is on the rise.

“We know that when you have a new platform you see a big spike in adoption,” Jacobsen said.

“There’s definitely a lot of momentum on the mobile side, but it’s not clear that mobile will be the next big platform.”

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