Apple has finally announced the iPhone5S (2019) and it is expected to be available in September 2019, with a 4G version also expected to follow soon after.

The company is expected, however, to announce a new iPhone that does not use its own 5G technology.

Instead, the company has released the iPhone7S and will release an iPhone 7S Plus (2018).

We will also see the release of a new MacBook Pro (2018), which will feature a larger, more powerful CPU.

But what of the iPhone’s software?

The iPhone 5s and 5s Plus will have a version of iOS 9 and are expected to ship in September 2020.

The iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus will be the first iPhones to have a faster Snapdragon 800 processor and support for Bluetooth 4.0.iOS 9, which launched in September, comes with several new features and some of these include Siri and FaceTime calling, along with improvements to Maps and Siri.

The new Apple TV 4K streaming box, which is expected in the fall, is expected for a 2018 launch, as is the Apple Watch.

Finally, Apple is expected at some point to introduce a new iPad mini, which will be available for $699.

It’s a small price to pay for some very good software and a lot of the hardware.

The smartphone, however (in 2018), is expected with a 6.2-inch display and 4G, but the iPhone will have an 8-inch screen and LTE capabilities, as well as an improved camera.

The iPhone5 will also be available with a 7.9-inch panel, although it will be slightly thinner and lighter than the iPhone6s.

In 2018, the iPhone is expected get a better processor and an all-new camera, but that’s likely to be followed by an upgraded display in 2019.

In 2020, Apple plans to introduce the Apple TV, which should also be larger, heavier and feature a new Apple Watch band.

The device will be a better device than the iPad mini and the new Apple television.

The biggest feature of the new iPhone is likely to come in September or October 2020.

Apple is also expected at that time to introduce iOS 10.2.2, which has been in the works for some time.iOS 10.1, however will only be released in November.

The 2018 iPhone will be priced at $699, although that’s a bit less than the $749 price tag that the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone 6 finally received.

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