Celcom Mobile, a subsidiary of Singapore’s Vivo Media, is rolling out its mobile phone services in India with a focus on low-cost mobile broadband, with plans to roll out more services as demand grows.

The launch of the service comes a few months after Celcom launched a free Wi-Fi network in the state of Goa, which had previously failed to attract customers.

The telco is yet to comment on how it will roll out its services, but has been actively recruiting new talent and launching new projects in the past year.

The company has already signed up some of the best-known names in the telecom industry, including Jio and Softbank, with some plans to expand its offerings.

A new service for Indian consumers, which will be launched on April 15, will come at a cost of Rs 9,990 per month.

The service, which is available for the Indian market, will be offered at the lowest rates.

The operator said that it will offer 1G, 3G and 4G service at Rs 9999.

The 4G plan will be priced at Rs 1,199 per month, while the 3G plan at Rs 999.

The operator said it would also be launching free internet in the city of Hyderabad, and offering a 30-day trial period.

It said that the price will be cheaper than that of existing services in the market.

In December, Celcom also launched its low-price service, in India’s largest telecom market, Telangana.

In the same month, it launched its first 2G internet service in Goa.

Telangana has been witnessing a slow but steady increase in subscribers since it launched an all-in-one plan, offering free internet, 3g data and a mobile phone with a 3G SIM.

Telangoans are yet to get any official telecoms services from Telcom after a number of telecom operators, including Reliance Jio, dropped Telugu and Telugu-language services due to the lack of a local content market.

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