A group of Australian citizens has created a website to help rename the names of landmarks in their hometowns.

Key points:The names are being created by a group of people who are passionate about history, identity and cultureKey points:-The group is asking for the names to be changed so they are recognised as Australian landmarks in the future-It has raised more than $20,000 in donationsThe idea for the project came from a group called Australia for Identity, who have a large following in the country.

They are calling for the Australian Government to remove the names from government buildings and remove all references to the country on the back of the flags, while the flag and coat of arms remain.

They also want the names changed so that they are recognized as Australian landmark in the next decade.

The group has received funding of more than 20,000 dollars from local businesses, charities and the Federal Government.

It is one of a number of initiatives to rename landmarks across Australia, such as the name of a shopping centre in Victoria, the name on the flag of South Australia, and even a name on an Australian national highway.

Many Australian citizens have been campaigning for the renaming of landmarks, with the first major effort to rename a street in the city of Sydney to a public park and a street outside the Australian Museum.

The renaming project comes as the number of Australian deaths has risen to a record high, with almost 1,200 people having died in the past year.

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