Costco’s mobile phone unit is being sold by its Indian parent, India’s largest mobile carrier, to an online shopping platform called Ola.

The transaction, which is expected to close on Thursday, is expected give Ola the second largest mobile handset market in the world after the United States.

Ola’s chief executive, Rohit Agarwal, said that the deal was “a smart move for the company, which wants to strengthen its mobile phone business and compete with the likes of Google and Amazon”.

Ola has been in talks with its largest Indian partner, Flipkart, to buy its mobile unit, a deal that has stalled for years.

But Agarwals plans to expand the company’s mobile business in India to offer a range of other products, including mobile phones, eyewear and furniture.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the deal would help the country “continue to move forward”. “

Ola is a perfect fit for us and we have an opportunity to become a leading smartphone company in India,” he said. 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the deal would help the country “continue to move forward”. 

“This transaction will help us in strengthening our telecom sector,” he told the Economic Times, adding that Ola would be the “world’s leading mobile operator” and a “bigger and more strategic player in the mobile industry”. 

Mr Agarwa’s comments were likely to bolster hopes of Ola as it looks to expand its mobile presence in India and beyond.

Olo’s business model is different from its Indian rival, Flipks.

It has built a successful business with its own online marketplace and has plans to add more retail stores and restaurants in the coming years.

It is also building its own network of more than 200 stores in India, where it currently has more than 2,000.

Olams focus on retail has attracted some big names including Apple, Samsung and Visa.

The company has plans for expansion in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, according to the company.

Oleg Yarovlev, chief executive of Olam, said the sale of the mobile unit to Ola was the largest acquisition for the unit since it was acquired by Flipkarts last year.

Olea’s mobile division has been a big success in the country, with the number of registered customers doubling to more than 300 million in the year to December.

The sale of Olo to Opa means that the group has a bigger stake in the overall mobile business, he added. 

“Our growth will be focused on the smartphone and tablet segment, as we are also a leading manufacturer of digital content,” Yarovlev said.

Opa is also the parent of Flipkarten, a leading e-commerce firm.

Flipkarta’s mobile operations have expanded rapidly in recent years, as the company has launched apps for mobile phones.

Oolabot, a smartphone app that helps users manage their payments, has more over 2 million registered users.

The business is expected in its early stages, but Ola expects it to expand rapidly and have an impact on other business segments. 

Ola plans to create its own smartphone operating system, which will run on the cloud, with Ola acquiring its mobile operating system and operating system software, Agari said.

The deal with Opa will help the company continue to move forwards, said Yovlev.

“In this new era, we believe Ola can play an even bigger role in India.

This transaction will further strengthen our position in India as a leading mobile handset company and enable Ola to further develop its mobile business globally,” he added

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