The iPhone X is not your ordinary smartphone.

Instead, it has all the latest software updates and features, including a new, more powerful camera, a larger screen, and an Apple Watch Sport watch that’s not just more stylish but more useful.

But you might not be aware that the device also has an advanced camera.

Here’s how to capture your sketchbook and share it with your friends.1.

How to make a smart mobile camera for sketchbooks on iOS or AndroidSmartphones are popular tools for sketchbookers, especially if you want to use them to create sketches on iOS and Android.

The iPhone and iPad have an excellent camera app, but if you need a more sophisticated solution, then you can buy a smart camera that has a built-in smart camera.

Smart cameras are typically cheaper than more expensive ones, and they usually come with a built in microphone and a microphone attachment, which you can attach to your smartphone’s camera to capture videos.

Here are the basics of making a smart phone camera.1) Select the device to make your smart camera smart camera Smart phone cameras are built into devices, so you can select which camera to use.

You can use one of two cameras to capture a video: a single-lens or dual-lenses camera.

You’ll need a single lens for a simple, basic sketch, or a dual- lens for more complex, more detailed drawings.2) Choose a camera mode for your smart phone Smartphones have several camera modes.

You have three cameras that you can choose from: portrait mode, night mode, and macro mode.

Portrait mode uses the front-facing camera and captures video in the standard portrait orientation.

Night mode captures video only when the phone is in the dark and only when you’re standing still.

Macro mode takes photos of a single frame at a time and is best for capturing portraits or scenes with multiple objects.3) Set up your smart device’s camera modeThe first thing you need to do is set up your smartphone camera to record video.

Select camera mode on the Smartphone app, then choose “Camera settings” and set up the camera settings as shown in the image below.

You don’t need to select the aperture, shutter speed, or the focus distance.4) Make a videoUsing a Smartphone camera is one of the easiest ways to share your sketchbooks with your fellow iPhone users.

You’re free to use your iPhone camera in a number of ways, but it can also be used for capturing video.

To capture video, you can either use the built-ins video camera app or create your own video from your iPhone’s video camera.

To create a video, click the Video button on your iPhone screen.

You will need to set a camera location, and choose an appropriate video format.

You need to choose an option that’s appropriate for the video format and camera mode.

The video app will automatically detect your video settings, but you can manually set them.

Once you’ve set your video camera, click “Record Video” to capture the video.5) Upload your video to Instagram or VineYour video will be displayed on Instagram and Vine, both of which are available for use on the iPhone.

Uploading a video to Vine is a bit trickier.

First, you’ll need to make sure your video is properly uploaded.

Go to the Settings menu, then tap on the camera icon.

If the camera isn’t selected, then it’s probably because your phone doesn’t support the latest iOS or Apple Watch video capture software.

The most recent version of iOS or Watch software is likely to be installed on your device.

If you’re using a compatible Apple Watch app, you should have it installed already.

Once the video is uploaded, tap the “Upload” button to upload it to Instagram.6) Share your video with friends on Instagram or in SnapchatIf you don’t have Instagram or Snapchat installed on the device, you might have to manually set up a video capture in order to upload your video.

Open the Instagram app and go to the video feed.

Tap the camera button and select “Share.”

In the pop-up menu, select “Add a photo from my device.”

Select the “Snapchat” tab, then select “Camera Settings.”

If your device supports video capture, then the camera will automatically add a video image to the Instagram feed.

If your phone does not support video capture but does support other photo-sharing tools, then your phone can automatically upload your photo.7) Upload the video to your Instagram or Google+ accountFor Instagram, you need an account to upload videos to.

Go into your account settings, then click “Add” to add an account.

If this is your first time using Instagram, choose “Add Photos from my Instagram account.”

In this step, you will need your Instagram ID and username.

You might also need to specify a phone number.

Tap “Add Photo,” then choose the image you want.

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