News organisations are investigating the hack of the mobile phone of the prime minister, Theresa May, as well as the leaks of sensitive data from the US National Security Agency (NSA).

The Guardian has also received documents that it believes may have been obtained from a US source.

In the Guardian’s view, the leaks are the latest in a series of breaches of the UK’s security, including by the NSA.

The leaks of classified information in the US and elsewhere are part of an increasingly sophisticated international campaign to damage the security of our companies and citizens, according to security experts and US intelligence.

There is evidence that the NSA has been hacking into UK networks for decades, said Jeremy Bailenson, a former senior intelligence official who now works for a cybersecurity company.

“They have been targeting governments and companies for years,” he said.

They have not been attacking us from outside.” “

The NSA is targeting us from the inside.

They have not been attacking us from outside.”

The US intelligence agency has been targeting British businesses since the 1970s, according in the Guardian.

The US National Cybersecurity Centre said in a statement to the Guardian that the leaks could have been from an intelligence agency “attempting to gain unauthorized access to the network” of a British company.

The NSA, which has been accused of hacking into US and European governments and corporate networks, declined to comment on the Guardian report.

The UK’s prime minister told reporters in Brussels on Friday that she had been informed of the leaks but would not be commenting on them.

“It is not appropriate for me to comment, but I will be monitoring this situation closely,” she said.

The Guardian report states that it was not immediately clear if any information in those documents had been passed to the British authorities.

The documents it believes to have been leaked include the names and email addresses of at least four UK government ministers.

The leak of the email addresses would suggest the prime minster was in touch with a number of senior officials in the government, said Christopher Soghoian, the director of the Cybersecurity Research Centre at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He said the information contained in the documents was likely to have come from a UK agency or intelligence organisation.

If it’s an international agency, I would expect they would find it.” “

If it’s a British agency or agency, then I’m confident they could get that data.

If it’s an international agency, I would expect they would find it.”

The leaks could also have been made from the NSA’s hacking arm, the Tailored Access Operations (TAO), according to Soghofian.

“I would assume that they’re targeting the NSA,” he added.

The NSA declined to be interviewed for this article. “

You could imagine they were trying to compromise some of the NSA network, like the NSA systems in the UK, to get information.”

The NSA declined to be interviewed for this article.

However, NSA director Michael Hayden said in May that the agency had no knowledge of the attacks.

“We do not know who the leaker is or why they did this,” he told reporters.

“Our goal is not to find out who is the leakers.

We want to find them.

Our goal is to get the leaks out and to expose the leaks.”

A number of former NSA analysts, including former agency officials, have said that the leak of classified data is one of the most serious breaches of information security in the history of the agency.

The disclosures are likely to add to a broader controversy over NSA surveillance programmes, and to anger Britain’s own government.

The revelations have been described as a major blow to Britain’s standing in the world.

UK officials have described the leaks as “reprehensible”.

But many UK government officials have said the disclosures will not affect their own country’s surveillance programmes.

David Anderson, a retired NSA intelligence analyst and former director of Britain’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, said the leaks would “undermine the credibility” of the spy agency.

He added that it is unlikely the NSA would attempt to defend itself.

The British government has denied any attempt to influence the NSA hacking operation.

“As the US has made clear it is a threat to our national security, the UK does not believe that we should have to compromise our security to gain information about NSA targets,” a spokesperson said in response to a question on Friday.

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