It’s one of the most popular mobile phones in the world, but it was made by Apple.

Apple sold more than two million iPhones in 2016, according to IDC, and more than one in four iPhones in the United States were made in 2017.

Now, that number is up to about three million, with many of them being made in China.

While Apple’s global smartphone sales have been growing in recent years, the company has struggled to keep up with the demand from China, where it has become a dominant player.

It’s also facing new competition from its Chinese rival, Xiaomi, which has been gaining ground on the iPhone.

With both China and the U.S. struggling with the effects of a slowing economy, China has been the largest market for smartphones, with about 10 million units shipped in 2017, up from about 6 million units in 2016.

With the arrival of the iPhone 7 in October, Apple’s dominance is on the wane, and Xiaomi is poised to take over the top spot.

The new iPhone 7 is a powerful upgrade to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6, and will go on sale on April 24.

Apple is already making some upgrades to the product, including a new screen, new camera, and new software features.

With that in mind, it’s important to note that the iPhone has always been a powerful mobile phone.

The iPhone was the first device in history to have a 5-inch screen, a 10.1-megapixel camera, a 128GB memory card, a microSD card slot, and a battery of 8,300mAh.

That’s a lot of power for a mobile phone and, as a result, the phone has a very high battery life, as it lasts for up to five days on a single charge.

The device also has a fingerprint sensor, which is one of its biggest selling points.

If you’re interested in getting an iPhone 7, you can get a free upgrade to iOS 10, which includes an upgraded Siri and FaceTime voice assistant.

Apple also plans to offer a special promotion for iPhone 7 owners, which will start in the coming weeks.

Apple will be giving a discount to customers who buy an iPhone from Apple stores in China starting April 14.

The company will also be offering a special discount for iPhone 8 owners in China, which begins April 20.

With these promotions, Apple is betting that the Chinese market will be able to handle the iPhone’s increased size, but this time, Apple has the upper hand.

The Chinese market is now home to some of the world-beating smartphone brands like Xiaomi and Huawei.

Both companies have been pushing their own devices in the past year, and their success has been due to the success of their Chinese-made devices.

Xiaomi, for example, launched its Mi 6 in March, a large and luxurious smartphone that has been highly praised for its design and design language.

Xiaomi also introduced the Mi Note series, which was the flagship smartphone of its Mi Note line in China for a year and a half.

Xiaomi was also one of Apple’s first partners to make its own iPhone, the Mi 6s.

Now that Xiaomi is making its own phones, it may be that it will be the one to beat Apple in the Chinese smartphone market.

Xiaomi is also trying to take advantage of China’s massive smartphone market by offering the Mi 5s, which came out in early 2017.

The Mi 5S has a 5.7-inch 1080p screen, 4G LTE connectivity, and the company’s first Android smartphone, Android 8.1 Oreo.

Apple, on the other hand, is offering the iPhone 8, which runs on iOS 10.2, which also includes the company-specific Siri voice assistant, an enhanced camera, the new Lightning connector, a bigger battery, and improved camera features.

Xiaomi has also introduced its new Mi 5 Pro, which it claims is the world first 5.8-inch Android smartphone.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 series is already popular in China and other Asian countries, but the Mi 7s and Mi 6S series, and even the Mi 4s and the Mi MIX 2, are more popular in the U, U.K., and U.A.E. markets.

Xiaomi’s devices are also popular in India, where Apple is the largest smartphone maker.

Xiaomi plans to launch more Mi devices in India by the end of the year.

The brand has also launched its new smartphone, Mi M5S, which the company claims is a premium smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi M Series smartphones will go for $1,699.99 on the Apple Store, and $1.99 more for the Chinese Mobile Broadband Internet Mobile Broadcom network.

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