The most common cause of accidental phone use is using your phone on your lap.

Here are some tips to help keep your device away from your face.


Wear a jacket or long sleeve shirt at all times to reduce the chances of a hand injury, as it is easier to hold the phone in your lap than to hold it on your head.

The jacket or jacket should be well fitted and have an underarm strap.


When using your mobile phone in a public place, it is advisable to wear a mask if possible.

If you cannot wear a face cover, wear a thick, loose, rubberised mask with a flexible nose and mouthpiece.


If the situation arises where you are exposed to someone else’s hand and the phone is left in your pocket, do not touch it.

This is the same as not touching it.

If it comes to it, then you should leave it there.

If, however, it comes down to touching it, it may be appropriate to make a phone call.

If this is the case, the caller should immediately place the phone on the floor in a safe location.


Wear sunglasses if possible when using your cellphone.

There is no reason why you should not wear them while driving.


Always keep a few extra phones in your pockets, so that you can call for help when you are in a panic.


If a member of your family or a friend becomes injured while using your handset, make sure they are taken to hospital immediately.


If someone has a smartphone, they should be handed the device immediately.

Make sure that it is turned off immediately and is not turned on again.


It is always best to check the batteries of your mobile phones before use.

They can be lost or stolen if left unattended.

If they do not charge, then they may not function correctly.


Make yourself available if a member or friend is about to use your mobile device, even if it is not your personal phone.

This will ensure that it does not go into use.


If anyone has been using your device and it is still not fully charged, ask them to return it immediately to ensure that its battery is fully charged.


If there is any doubt about whether your mobile is working properly, try to check whether the battery is at least partially charged.

If not, then the device should be returned to the shop or dealer.


Always carry a mobile phone charger with you wherever you go, as a spare is not needed for many devices.

If your phone is lost or broken, then make sure that you have it returned immediately to the nearest shop or outlet.


If people are using your SIM card on a mobile device and the SIM card has not been used, the SIM will be automatically removed from the phone.

If that happens, then please ensure that you notify the mobile phone company as soon as possible.


It’s always best for people to use a different SIM card if possible, as this is not always possible.


Always check the internet before you leave a place to make certain that the person who has been leaving is not using the same SIM card that you are using.


If using a smartphone is the only thing that you do while away from home, then it is essential that you always wear a helmet.


Wear your own mobile phone case if possible to keep your phone away from others while in public places.


Keep a small amount of money with you at all time, especially if you are travelling, to cover any unexpected costs.


If somebody has been holding your mobile, then if they are using it to contact you, they are probably not your actual phone.


Keep your mobile safely away from children under the age of 18 years old, who can easily be caught in the act of using your smartphone while they are on their mobile phone.


It should also be mentioned that while it is normal for people with a mobile to use it to call for a favour or offer, this does not necessarily mean that someone should use it for a call.

It may be the case that they simply do not have a phone to use, or they are not on the mobile network and are not using their phone.

For this reason, the person should not call for you.

The phone should be turned off and then the caller must contact the police.

If their call goes through, then police will take the call.

In most cases, the police will tell the caller that they have been contacted by police and that they will be arrested.


Do not be tempted to share a mobile without checking whether the device is working and making sure that the phone has been turned on and in the correct position.


Always have a spare phone nearby in case someone has lost their phone, or it has been stolen.

It will be useful to have a replacement

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