When you are going out to buy a new mobile phone or smartphone, there are plenty of companies that offer you a choice of a mobile phone carrier.

But you need to check the prices first before you make your purchase.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular mobile phone carriers for those looking to pick up a new device.


Cricket Mobile Australia – $19.99 per month for two months Cricket Mobile is a free service that provides you with two-year data plans for $19 a month.

The two-month plan starts at $9.99 and the monthly fee is $7.99.

You can switch between the two plans by signing up for a Cricket Mobile plan and then changing your data plan.

Cricket also offers the Cricket Mobile Free 2 year Data Plan.

Cricket has a range of popular models that you can choose from, including the Cricket One and Cricket One Plus.

The Cricket One has a 64GB storage option and the Cricket Two comes with 128GB storage.


O2 Free Mobile – $49.99 for two years O2 Mobile is an online mobile provider that offers both the basic O2 plan and the Premium Mobile plan.

The Premium Mobile includes unlimited voice and data.

It also has an extra $20 per month of data if you choose the Unlimited Voice option.

O3, O3 Plus and O3 Mobile offer more data options, which can be added to the plan if you add extra data.

The O3 plan also offers a new feature that lets you use a phone app to manage your data, as well as set up call forwarding.

O4, O4 Plus and XO offer more features and offer more storage.


Cricket Wireless – $39.99 monthly plan for two and two and a half years Cricket Wireless is a pay-as-you-go mobile phone provider that provides plans in all of Australia.

The monthly plans start at $39 a month and the cost is $19 per month.

Cricket offers both standard and data plans, and they also offer the Cricket Free 2 and Cricket Free 4 month plans.

The $39 monthly plan is a $5 discount off of the Cricket 2 plan, and the $49 monthly plan offers a $10 discount off the Cricket 3 plan.


Odeo – $79.99 plan for three months Odeos offers a 3-month contract for $79 a month for both customers and users.

You will receive the 3 months of your plan as a prepaid debit card, and then you can use your prepaid debit for up to $3,200 a year.

ODeo is also offering an Odeon Mobile card, which gives you unlimited text messaging, video calling, data and access to the Odeone mobile application for your mobile.

The 3-months of Odeony offer is a 1.5-year subscription to Odeons mobile plan, which costs $19 for one month, and $49 for two or three months.


Cricket One Mobile – £79.00 a month plan for six months Cricket One is a network-based provider that has the Cricket 4 and Cricket 3 plans.

Cricket 4 is for customers who pay $99 a month, which is a great deal for those that are on a budget.

Cricket 3 is for those who pay a higher amount, which may be the case for some customers.

Cricket is also known for offering free calls to the UK and Canada, as part of the offer.

Cricket’s prepaid mobile plans include the Cricket Wireless, Cricket One Unlimited, Cricket Unlimited, and Cricket Unlimited Free.

The price of Cricket One plans are lower than some other carriers, and for a small price, you can get access to an international calling and data plan that includes calls to Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


Cricket Unlimited – $99.99/year plan for four years Cricket Unlimited is an unlimited phone plan that offers customers the same data and voice plans as Cricket.

Cricket Free and Cricket Next offer the same amount of data for a lower monthly fee.

The cheapest plans that Cricket offers are the Cricket Unlimited and Cricket Premier plans.


Optus Mobile – Unlimited phone plan for a year Optus has an unlimited mobile phone plan.

You get a 3 month phone plan with a $79 per month credit towards the next two months of phone service.

Optuses basic plan has a monthly rate of $19 and the plan will also have an additional $15 per month if you want to add more data.

You also get unlimited calls to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


Optos Mobile – Free plan for one year Optos offers two- and three-month plans for just $59 a year, with a total of $99 per year.

Opts mobile phone plans also include unlimited calls, text messaging and data to Australia and South America.


Optswell Mobile – One year plan for $89.99 Optswelc

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