If you’ve been using the iPhone and iPad app for recording and streaming live TV on your phone or tablet, you’ve probably noticed a new feature that lets you record video and video clips for later viewing on the phone or iPad.

But if you’re one of the thousands of iPhone and AppleTV users who has no DVR apps available for their devices, you may be surprised to learn that Apple has finally rolled out DSLRs for the Mac.

The company says the DSLr for Apple TV is “the first and only DVR to support the new Apple TV remote.”

The company says Apple TV users will be able to use their existing DVR software to record live TV, but the new DSLrs will have a new, more robust feature called the Apple TV Remote.

It’ll allow you to record up to 30 minutes of live video and stream up to 3 hours of audio.

You can use this feature with DSLRR for Mac, too, so if you use an Apple TV, you’ll be able record the entirety of the show while the DVR is still on.

The new feature for the Apple DVR will also allow you, as an AppleTV user, to add additional features to the DRLR app.

You’ll be asked to choose between the ability to record video at 4K resolution (up to 30fps) or 1080p (60fps), and Apple says this will allow you more flexibility in recording.

The new feature is also available for use with DRLRs on iOS devices, although not for the iPad app.

Apple says this new feature will allow users to record at 4k resolution.

The Apple TV app will record 4K video at 30fps and 1080p video at 60fps, and you can also use DRLRR for iOS on an Apple television.

Apple’s support for Apple TVs is only available on iOS 10.2 and later.

There’s no way to get the Apple Remote app for your Apple TV to work with the new feature.

Apple has been updating its TV apps on a regular basis, and the company has been working with Apple to bring new features to its devices in the past.

There have been several major updates to the AppleTV app, including the ability for users to set up a streaming DVR.

But this new update is the first time Apple has made a feature available for its device.

The app will also include new controls for adding a DVR, as well as the ability, for the first Time-Series DVR feature, to record the entire show at once.

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