A little over a year ago, the hacker group Anonymous hit the Internet with a message from the group that they had cracked the Apple password cracking software.

The group’s message said the password was not meant to be sent by a person but rather by a system called a phishing website.

In a letter to Apple, Anonymous claimed it was sending the password to the hacker in order to provide a way to trick Apple into letting the company decrypt encrypted data.

“As you can imagine, Apple was very upset with us,” a member of Anonymous told Apple in February, according to an email released by Apple on Monday.

“We had sent our security team a message in the hope that they would not believe us.

We never believed that they could crack our code and would never let us do it.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.”

They also said that we would not be able to get into their servers and that we were going on a massive campaign to damage the company.”

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

Apple’s security team, meanwhile, said the group was “not going to get their hands on our code” and that Apple’s systems “were not compromised” and had “not been compromised.”

The hack prompted a flurry of security updates from Apple, including the release of a fix for the problem.

Apple also patched the phishing site that made the password-cracking script, but it took until May of this year for a second, unrelated fix to appear.

Apple updated its iCloud, a feature that allows users to sync all of their iPhone and iPad data across devices, in August, and introduced new security features in November that make it easier to unlock your iPhone and unlock your iPad.

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