Donald Trump is waging a war on the media, and it’s getting increasingly hard for the rest of us to keep up.

For example, on Wednesday morning, The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration has been ordering the closure of several newsrooms, citing anonymous sources.

The Post reports that “in a sign of how deeply the administration views the media’s role in shaping the election, an internal White House memo says newsrooms ‘must cease their coverage of the election or its outcome and must not report on the outcome of any campaign, election, or other election activity’ in the coming weeks or months.”

In a tweetstorm, Trump called on reporters to “stop covering election!”

But as Vox pointed out, the Trump Administration has already ordered the closure or “purging” of some of the major news outlets that are reporting on Trump’s election.

And The Washington Times reported on Tuesday that the White House has begun to enforce a ban on the use of “sources without attribution” in the daily press briefing.

And on Thursday, The New York Times reported that Trump is using Twitter to order the closure and purge of several major news organizations.

So it’s clear that Trump isn’t going to go away.

And that means there will be an ongoing battle to keep us informed about how things are going on the ground in the weeks ahead.

But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to keep the conversation going, because the stakes are too high for us to stop.

As Vox points out, “Trump’s tweets, his press secretary’s tweets,” and his administration’s actions have the potential to push the limits of our ability to keep our country safe.

The stakes are so high that it’s going to take a concerted effort to keep people up-to-date on the latest developments in the race to succeed him.

This is a story about the importance of the daily news.

So let’s do our best to keep you informed.

We need you to know that we are in this race to keep America safe.

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