Mobile phone companies are often the focus of a lot of investment talk, but the results are usually not as impressive as they might seem.

The mobile phone stocks have consistently beaten the S&P 500 and the broader market over the past five years.

Investors have also been willing to pay higher prices for phones with smaller screens, and these days the companies are using their market capitalizations to increase their earnings per share.

And even if investors do pick up the phone companies’ stocks, they can often get lower returns.

Some of the biggest winners of the past few years have been Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet.

Apple has seen its stock price increase by as much as 50% during the past year, and its earnings per unit of revenue have increased by more than 30%.

The stock has made $1.2 trillion in its past seven quarters.

Amazon has also made big gains.

Its stock price rose by more to $11.80 per share during the last year.

And the company has made about $3.5 trillion in total revenue during that time.

Alphabet, meanwhile, has seen revenue growth of nearly 40% per year, its stock market value nearly quadrupled to $72 billion, and a stock price that has risen by about $200 per share, which is roughly one third of Apple’s.

Apple’s shares have increased nearly fivefold over the same period.

Google’s stock rose nearly 20% during its past year.

Its stock price is up by more now than Microsoft’s has risen, which also has more than doubled.

The stock also has a lot more cash on hand, and has the ability to spend more than Microsoft and Google.

Alphabet’s stock has risen over 60% in the past three years, compared with only 3% for Microsoft.

But Alphabet has a big problem on its hands: it has no clear-cut direction in mind.

It has a great product strategy, but its focus is mostly on building a Google search engine.

Its focus is on expanding its own business and building its own services.

What could Google do better?

Some companies have done a great job of diversifying their businesses over the last few years, and some have taken a more aggressive approach.

Alphabet is in the middle of both of these things.

For example, Google has become a big player in the world of autonomous cars, and it has a good track record in getting the cars to work.

But its autonomous cars are currently expensive, and the company’s efforts to build more self-driving cars have been unsuccessful.

Other companies, such as Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, have focused on building products for a mobile phone, which has a bigger market share.

That’s great, but a lot depends on how these companies are able to differentiate their products.

If they can’t, it’s a tough situation.

The stock market has a long way to go before these companies can be considered as the dominant players in the smartphone market.

That’s not to say that they can never become the dominant player in smartphones, though.

Even Apple has been able to build a very large user base over the years.

And there are companies like Samsung, HTC and Sony that are starting to offer more attractive devices that customers will want to buy.

The Bottom LineMobile phone companies have been very profitable over the decades, and investors are willing to buy stocks that make them look good.

But these companies have had to rely on the stock market to keep up with the rising costs of building new products and the growing demand for the old devices.

The smartphone market has grown to a $1 trillion market.

That means that the companies have to keep building new phones and keep making profits to keep their business going.

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