The iPhone 6 has been dubbed the most powerful mobile phone camera ever ever tested.

The device, manufactured by Apple and sold by Samsung, is capable of capturing a 1,600-megapixel image in a single take.

But that image can be corrupted and that’s when things get really interesting.

According to a new study from security firm FireEye, the iPhone camera is capable “of producing a 1.5 megapixel image with less than 2 seconds of capture time.”

That means the device is capable in a matter of minutes of capturing an image that could be used to create a malicious video.

The researchers analyzed images captured by the iPhone’s camera module, and discovered that the device was capable of “capturing a 2 megapixel photo with 1.7 seconds of captured capture time, or an image size of 4.7 x 3.3 x 2.8 megapixels.”

In addition, FireEye found that the camera module can create images that “may be up to three times larger than the camera’s actual pixel size.”

In an emailed statement, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Security John Bresnahan said, “iPhone 6’s built-in image sensor is capable and reliable, but this is the first study we have found to demonstrate its capabilities.

In the future, we will continue to invest in additional camera modules and camera software to make our camera more robust.”

The researchers also noted that the iPhone cameras can also take images of objects and people that aren’t necessarily visible.

The researchers wrote, “This suggests that the Camera module may be able to take images that can be used for other purposes, such as covert covert surveillance.”

The research is the latest in a series of articles and articles from experts from around the world.

The latest comes from a paper published on Monday by security researcher and privacy advocate Ben Kuchera.

Kucchera’s research was published in the journal Applied Signal Analysis.

The research team used the iPhone 5, which is no longer on sale.

The team used three images captured using the iPhone to determine the device’s capabilities.

The images were captured on the camera on the back of the iPhone, and the device has an image sensor that measures the image’s brightness and contrast.

The photos are taken from the same angle as the device and appear to be at the same distance.

When the researchers compared the images to their real world images, they found the images were “almost identical,” meaning the iPhone was capable.

The image quality was so good that “the iPhone camera can produce a 2-megapixels image, which can be 1,400 times larger in image size than the actual pixel on the device,” the researchers wrote.

The findings came from a device that Apple’s research team believes can produce images that are “up to three and a half times larger” than the device itself.

“We expect this to have a significant impact on the security of any smartphone camera,” said Kucnera.

The results are based on the analysis of “approximately 1,500 images captured from a variety of different angles,” according to Kucbera.

“We also found that a large portion of these images have a pixel size greater than 4 megapits.

We also found the iPhone has a pixel density of 0.7 pixels per square inch, which means it can generate images that appear to have an even smaller pixel density than the iPhone itself.”

Kucheran explained that these images are generated by the camera in the camera chip and “are not necessarily a direct reflection of the device.”

“This is not a direct mirror,” Kucsera wrote in an email.

“This means the pixels on the iPhone are not reflecting the actual pixels on that device.”

Kucchera and the researchers found the camera can create an image of objects that appear “to be up on the object.”

In one case, a person’s face appears to be visible in one of the images.

Küchera and his team wrote, “[T]here are a number of different ways in which the camera could be tricked to create the effect.

It could be fooled into capturing a large amount of pixels in the image that would appear to appear to represent a face.

It might also be fooled by the device to create an illusion of a large area of the image, or to produce an image with a high amount of brightness.”

In another case, the researchers detected “an additional source of corruption” when they looked at the device from a different angle, suggesting the camera may be susceptible to hacking.

“In both these cases, we found that this type of corruption was only visible when the device had been in a different position than when the image was captured,” Kücera wrote.

“The device was also not fooled by this type or other types of corruption, suggesting that the image may not be generated by an external source.”

Kücheras research team found that there are a variety to ways in the iPhone that could create images of people that

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