How do you get your hands on a mobile phone?

Digital mobile phone is one of the new trends in India.With the launch of ‘Make In India’ initiative, which launched on July 31, the country is set to become the largest market in the world for smartphones.The technology has brought an unprecedented level of openness and transparency to India’s economy, but has also caused a […]

Watch the birds: the invisible mobile phones

The video above was captured from inside the world’s first Mobile Phone Bird.The video was taken at the Koya Center in Koya, Japan.Watching the birds is a bit like being in the zoo.You can see how they move, and they also have their own voice.There are a few things to be aware of: the birds […]

Why Apple is not buying BlackBerry: The tech giant is a big seller

The tech giants’ dominance of the smartphone market has created a complex and uncertain environment for both brands.In addition to competing against each other on price, they’re also vying for a larger share of a shrinking number of consumers who are less interested in paying for the latest and greatest phones and tablets.A number of […]

How to buy mobile phone deals online in London

Mobile phone deals in London are often sold at a discounted price, and can often be bought on the day you buy your new device.You can also find discounted deals on the internet for a variety of devices, including smartphones.However, there are a few things to remember before you buy a mobile phone on the […]

A new way to fix your mobile phone battery is here

It’s an old-school solution to a new problem: how to fix a phone battery.In this post, I’ll show you how to buy and install the best battery replacements available today.The best battery replacement: The Nokia 6P (left) and the Nokia 5 (right)We’ve had a long, long time to wait for the best phones for the […]

How mobile phones are making an economic comeback

The number of mobile phone manufacturers is rising fast, and the mobile phone market has been hit by a slowdown in demand.The average monthly revenue for smartphone makers fell to $2.6 billion in the fourth quarter from $4.1 billion in Q4 2016.The decline was driven by the slowdown in smartphone shipments, which fell 7% year-over-year […]

How to fix Apple mobile phone icon?

A lot of people love the icon of the iPhone but it can also get a bit annoying when you are trying to use your device.It’s easy to get lost with this icon when you want to switch between apps, check your email, open the camera or start a new call.This is where the iPhone […]

When you want the best Android phone you can buy, Samsung is the one you want to buy

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are some of the best smartphones you can purchase, according to our survey.Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone is also a great value, with its flagship phones often topping $300.The S8 is available for $300, the S8+ is available at $200 and the S9 is $150.Our survey also found that […]

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