When Trump signs $600M bailout package, GOP lawmakers say it’s time for Dems to act

Democrats have a big chance of averting a government shutdown if they agree to support a $600 million bailout package for Sprint Corp. The deal could also help shore up a struggling wireless industry that is still reeling from a nationwide wireless outage that hit thousands of customers and left more than 2 million of […]

The Most Anticipated New Mobile Phone Huts of 2017

Mobile phone hut enthusiasts are anticipating big things for 2017, but for some it’s going to be a little scary.Here are the most anticipated new mobile phone hut designs for 2017.1.Mobile phone tower with built-in TV2.Mobile telephone hut with built in TV3.Mobile Telephone Hut with built inside TV4.Mobile Tower with built TV5.Mobile Phone Hut with […]

When Xiaomi’s Xiaomi Mi A1 hits shelves, it’ll have to pay a price

MIUI 8 has come a long way since the days of the Mi 5.A few years ago, it was a flagship phone.Now, it’s a flagship smartphone.The Xiaomi Mi 3 was a device that could do things no other smartphone could do.It had the specs to do so.Today, we’ve seen that Xiaomi has moved on.It’s now […]

Huawei Mobile Phone Launches Android Version 10.1.1

Huawei is preparing Android 10.0.1 for the Chinese market, which is slated to be launched on March 29.The new version will feature a new interface, including new features such as a fingerprint scanner, which Huawei calls Fingerprint-based fingerprint scanning.According to Huawei, the new version brings a number of new features to the table.For example, the […]

How to use a simple mobile phone as a betting device

A simple mobile-phone betting device, designed to be used by Israelis, is widely used in gambling markets.However, there are a number of limitations.Here is how to use it as a device to bet.1.The device is not a real mobile phone, but a fake mobile phone.This device has a screen that is too small for a […]

What is NFC?

The following article originally appeared on The Next Week.Subscribe to the newsletter.What is NFC (Near Field Communication)?NFC technology enables a phone to communicate with a mobile phone in close proximity, allowing users to make and receive calls, send text messages, and more.NFC technology has been used in the mobile phone industry for years, but has […]

When you need a new cellphone, you can’t buy one with the same exact device number

Updated May 27, 2018 07:45:12A recent trend in mobile phones may be making it harder for customers to get the latest smartphone.A new study suggests that a smartphone’s exact phone number is linked to its value, meaning customers with lower credit scores will likely pay more for a smartphone with a lower number.The study by […]

Apple iPhone 6S review: How the new iPhone 6s performs

Mobile phone app GSM phone silencers have gotten a lot of press recently, but they’re not the only option out there.The iPhone 6 and 6s also come with a phone app called the Silent Phone app that’s meant to provide an alternative way to listen to and block out noise.That’s not a bad thing at […]

How to find the perfect boots for the home gym

We all know that a great workout is only as good as your shoes, but how do you choose the right boots for your gym?There are a few different ways you can choose between them, and these are the best ones we found:• Best for the gym: The Nike+ Fitness Trainer Boot is a midsole […]

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