Canadian government says it won’t buy BlackBerry 10 device

The federal government will not buy BlackBerry devices from a Chinese company that is trying to take over the Canadian market, the minister of Canadian public safety said on Tuesday.The minister of public safety, Steven Blaney, said the government will make a decision on buying BlackBerry 10 devices from China in the coming weeks.“The government […]

How to use an Android phone with a camera to film and share a video

A lot of mobile phones these days are getting connected with cameras, but not all of them are so easy to use.It’s not just about connecting to the internet and getting a camera in your pocket.Some of them also come with camera apps, but it is a bit tricky to use them on the go.Let’s […]

‘Big Brother’ gets a new nickname as Lenovo mobile phones reveal big secrets

By Kate O’Connell”Big Brother” has been given a new name: the “Big B” or “Big Brother Mobile Phone”.“Big B Mobile Phone” is the nickname given to Lenovo’s mobile phones and is used for the company’s flagship mobile, the IdeaPad Y510, and its smaller, more affordable and smaller sibling, the Y520.The Y520, a flagship Lenovo mobile […]

How do you get your hands on a mobile phone?

Digital mobile phone is one of the new trends in India.With the launch of ‘Make In India’ initiative, which launched on July 31, the country is set to become the largest market in the world for smartphones.The technology has brought an unprecedented level of openness and transparency to India’s economy, but has also caused a […]

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