Why the cheapest phones on the market are going to cost more than ever

Costco Mobile phones are expensive, but they are also not cheap.They are pricey because they come in a lot of different versions and each of those versions comes with different features and configurations.But the biggest problem is that they can be expensive to get started with.The cheapest smartphones are actually quite powerful, and that’s not […]

‘Lucky’ Nokia’s Lumia 925 phones will be on sale in China soon – Nokia

Nokia’s smartphone business will soon be opening up to the Chinese market.The company has confirmed to The Wall Street Journal that it plans to start selling Lumia 926 handsets in China, the country’s largest smartphone market.Nokia will sell the Lumia 927 handsets, priced at 699 yuan ($1,064) in China.“Lucky” Nokia’s new Lumia handsets are expected […]

How the iPhone X can be your new iPhone, iPad, and more

Posted by  Mark Sisson  on Friday, October 08, 2018 04:14:14A lot of people are going to have a difficult time with the iPhone 9, which will be a huge change for many people.And Apple is working hard to address this issue.The company has introduced a new iPhone X, which is a much larger phone than […]

Which BlackBerry phone will be the next flagship phone?

The iPhone 5S was the first smartphone to hit the market, and it’s the iPhone that we’re talking about.We’ve covered the phone in detail in the past, but we’re here to talk about the iPhone 5s in general.What does the iPhone have going for it that other phones don’t?We’ll break it down into categories.iPhone 5s […]

How to buy a mobile phone tripod

If you’re going to be using your mobile phone for anything more than a short while, it’s a good idea to get a tripod.Here are a few tips on how to choose the best tripod for you.How to choose a mobile tripod How to get the best mobile phone viewing angle Find the best angle […]

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