When Xiaomi’s Xiaomi Mi A1 hits shelves, it’ll have to pay a price

MIUI 8 has come a long way since the days of the Mi 5.A few years ago, it was a flagship phone.Now, it’s a flagship smartphone.The Xiaomi Mi 3 was a device that could do things no other smartphone could do.It had the specs to do so.Today, we’ve seen that Xiaomi has moved on.It’s now […]

How to Get a Mobile Phone Deal in Orlando

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly common in the Orlando area, but if you’re looking to get one at a lower price, it might be worth spending a little more time in the store.Here’s what you need to know about buying a phone in Orlando.What is a mobile phone?A mobile phone is an electronic device that […]

Xiaomi to introduce ‘iPhone 5’ and ‘iPhone 6’ smartphones this year

Xiaomi is planning to release two new smartphones in 2017 that will be available exclusively through its online store, according to an internal document seen by Bloomberg.Xiaomi said the new smartphones would launch on September 18. The first smartphone is expected to launch in September. “We have been working on two new flagship devices to be released […]

XIAOMI: ‘If we’re gonna be a sport, we have to make it’

Xiamen’s Chinese Super League champions have been awarded the league title by the Chinese Football Association. Xiaomi, the smartphone manufacturer behind the iPhone brand, will play in the new league and will play at the same time as Beijing FC, which has been promoted to the Premier League from the Chinese SuperLeague. It is the second time […]

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