How to find the perfect boots for the home gym

We all know that a great workout is only as good as your shoes, but how do you choose the right boots for your gym?There are a few different ways you can choose between them, and these are the best ones we found:• Best for the gym: The Nike+ Fitness Trainer Boot is a midsole […]

How to get rid of your phone silencers

There’s a growing market for devices that can block incoming calls and texts.The devices are called phone silencing devices and have become increasingly popular over the last few years as technology evolves.But in order to get them off your phone, you have to install a software program, and it can take weeks or months.For some […]

How to avoid being scammed by a scammer on mobile phones

Posted September 09, 2018 15:01:34 A scammer posing as a friend on Facebook could use Facebook to lure you into making an expensive mobile phone upgrade, with a scam message claiming you’re about to receive a new phone.In an email message, the scammers told you your new phone will cost $1000 and that you will […]

How to download a free mobile device app for free

Free Mobile Phone Apps (FMO) are available for purchase on Google Play.They include apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Pandora, and more.You can also install the apps on a Windows PC or Mac and run them on your Android phone.There are currently over 200 FMO apps on GooglePlay.We’ll be posting updates on the […]

How to Get a Mobile Phone Deal in Orlando

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly common in the Orlando area, but if you’re looking to get one at a lower price, it might be worth spending a little more time in the store.Here’s what you need to know about buying a phone in Orlando.What is a mobile phone?A mobile phone is an electronic device that […]

How to buy a mobile phone with your pocket: The history of mobile phones

Mobile phones have become increasingly common in the past 20 years.They’ve become part of everyday life, with many people spending hours at a time on the phone.But how did mobile phones get there?Why do we have them and where do we get them?We spoke to mobile phone historian David Waring about the history of phones, […]

Which mobile phones are worth more than Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL?

Android phones are still the most popular device on the planet, but they’re not as powerful as Apple’s iPhone, Google’s latest flagship device, and Samsung’s Galaxy S6.Apple’s iPhones, by contrast, are the best-selling phones in the world, according to data from comScore.Google’s phones, by comparison, are about a third of the market.How to tell which […]

Which iPhone 7 Plus is worth it?

The Apple iPhone 7 is still in the top tier of the best smartphones in the world, and while it may not be the top-of-the-line device in terms of performance, it’s certainly the best phone you can buy.The fact that it has an excellent camera and a high-end camera chip is a huge plus, as […]

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